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Senin, 15 Februari 2016

with traveled we can eliminate the sense of fatigue with kesinukan our day to day, ask your family traveled.  many beautiful tourist city in the world, one of which is in Newyork city tour list.sebelum you are traveling it is good to first identify your destination and find the travel information in travell.co can you have is a website giving information about tourist sites and travel videos info info city world tour. congratulations traveled

Rabu, 03 Februari 2016


Bali tourist island of the gods

America is a country with a lot of travel ,. The following is a list of tours in the famous American countries 1.Empire State Building 2.statue of Liberty 3.Central Park 4.Museum of Art 5.Las Vegas 6.Hawaii
7. miami beach 
traveled to eliminate the sense of fatigue on our busy day to day . ii article may helpful

Sabtu, 30 Mei 2015

indah di kota Bali dan lebih tepatnya letak pantai adalah di desa Jimbaran kabupaten Badung, Bali. Karena jaraknya sendiri bisa dikatakan cukup dekat dengan Kota Denpasar yaitu kurang lebih memakan waktu sekitar 30 menit , dan untuk jarak dari bandara Ngurah Rai hanya memakan waktu sekitar 10 menit saja untuk menuju ke pantai ini. Pantai yang satu ini memiliki keindahan yang sangat unik dan luar biasa dimana kita bisa menyaksikan pemandangan sunset. Pantai jimbaran ini juga memiliki jarak yang dekat dengan Pantai kedongan dimana disini merupakan pusat dari pelelangan ikan – ikan.
Berbagai panorama di Bali terkenal akan keindahannya dan salah satunya adalah Pantai jimbaran. Tempat wisata yang satu ini merupakan sebuah tempat yang paling menjadi favorit di Kota Bali dimana disini terdapat pasir putih yang begitu panjang mengikuti sepanjang garis pada pantai dan juga disini ombaknya terlihat begitu tenang sehing tentu akan menambah keindahan suasana yang ada di Pantai Jimbaran. Tidak hanya itu saja karena disini kita juga bisa melihat dari kejauhan ada banyak sekali perahu – perahu miliki para nelayan tradisional yang sedang melakukan kegiatan menangkap ikan. Di pantai ini kita akan menemui banyak sekali turis – turis dari berbagai negara yang berkunjung ke pantai ini baik hanya untuk sekedar berenang, berjemur ataupun menikmati pemandangan alam yang sangat menakjubkan apalagi saat matahari terbenam atau lebih dikenal dengan Sunset.
Bagi pasangan yang menginginkan suasana kencan yang romantis bisa memilih untuk berkunjung ke pantai jimbaran, karena lokasi pantai ini sangat cocok sekali untuk pasangan yang sedang menikmati liburan bersama. Karena pemandangan disini begitu menyejukkan mata tidak salah jika banyak sekali orang ingin datang kembali ke pantai ini dan bahkan rasanya kita tidak ingin meninggalkan lokasi karena sangat menikmati pemandangan sunset yang begitu indah. Disini kita juga bisa melakukan kegiatan parasailling atau bisa juga berselancar dengan hanya mengeluarkan biaya yang cukup murah dan kita sudah bisa bersenang –senang disini.
Setelah kita begitu lama menikmati pemandangan alam tak lengkap rasanya jika tidak menikmati hidangan laut yang disuguhkan disana. Pantai jimbaran itu sendiri tidak hanya terkenal akan panoramanya yang indah namun juga terkenal akan makanannya karena disini merupakan pusat dari makanan laut atau seafood.
Kita bisa melihat di sekitar lokasi pantai terdapat berbagai tempat makan baik itu Cafe, restoran ataupun hotel – hotel yang menawarkan hidangan olahan hasil dari laut yang begitu nikmat untuk disantap sebagai menu makan siang ataupun malam. Menu seafood seperti udang, crab ataupun ikan bakar tentu akan menggoda selera kita untuk menyantap hidangan tersebut, maka dari itu jangan melewatkan kesempatan untuk mencicipi hidangan yang ada di pantai jimbaran ini. kita bisa memilih mulai dari harga yang termurah sampai yang terhamal sesuai dengan keinginan dan soal rasa tentu kita tidak perlu khawatir karena semua menu yang ada di rumah makan di sekitar lokasi pantai memiliki rasa yang sangat enak. Setelah puas menikmati hidangan seafood yang ada di pantai jimbaran saatnya kita beristirahat.

Di sekitar pantai jimbaran ini juga banyak sekali terdapat hotel – hotel ataupun villa untuk anda beristirahat. Kita bisa memilih hotel yang berbintang ataupun yang biasa. Kegiatan liburan akan menjadi menyenangkan dengan moment yang terlupakan ini di Pantai jimbaran.

Sabtu, 23 Mei 2015


Semarang is the capital of Central Java province, a city of about - + 2000jt soul and known by its famous football club PSIS Semarang, has some attractions. if you visit Semarang and want to try lah traveled several attractions in the city this spring rolls.

 The following is a list of places of attractions in Semarang ;

 - Lawang Sewu 
 - Wonderia
 - Sampokong 
 - ZOO Mangkang
 - GOA Kreo
 - Jatibarang Reservoir
 - BEACH Maron
 - Sidomukti
 - Gedong Songo Temple
 - Semirang 
 - Siwarak 
 - BEACH SI Cats 

      on the list of attractions on top of the familiar is often heard people are sewu mace. with traveled we are not only able to eliminate all the busyness of our daily fatigue but jg could help in the sector of local economic development, so berwisatalah. and also a tourist attraction in the city of Semarang is equally good with tourism in other large cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung etc. so I created a blog article about tourism in the city of Semarang, may be useful.

Kamis, 21 Mei 2015

Waroeng Semawis

Waroeng Semawis
Waroeng Semawis
Waroeng Semawis atau yang dikenal juga dengan Pasar Semawis merupakan pasar malam populer yang terletak di kawasan pecinan, Semarang. Pasar Semawis yang hanya buka malam hari pada hari Jumat, Sabtu dan Minggu ini menyediakan banyak hidangan lezat khas nusantara dan oriental.

Bagi pengunjung muslim, sebaiknya lebih berhati-hati karena sebagian makanan di tempat wisata kuliner ini berbahan daging babi. Selain sebagai tempat wisata kuliner, Pasar Semawis juga menjadi lokasi penjual mainan anak-anak, pakaian dan aksesoris menggelar dagangannya.

Kamis, 14 Mei 2015

from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I found out about The Secret from the Oprah show. I went to the bookstore to buy the book right away (featuring The Science of Getting Rich). Since the DVD wasn't available in Malaysia at that time, I ordered online from The Secret website. I was so excited and thrilled by it and invited my close friends and family to come watch it. Some believed it and some didn't.

But I truly believed every single word written in the book and spoken on the video. I was so moved by the story of Mr Canfield and wanted to apply it in my life. Then I received an email from "The Secret" where Mrs Byrne gave us a link to checks from the Bank of Universe.

So I downloaded the check, printed it and wrote an amount of One Hundred Thousand Ringgit on it, just for fun. I put the date of the day - 18 Aug 2007 - then put it up on my small vision board near my dressing table.

Then to imitate exactly what Mr Canfield did, I took a One Ringgit note and added "zeros" on it with a marker pen. I wanted to add "000,000.00" after the "1" to make it 100,000.00 but the space was so small, I just managed to add five zeros "000,00" on the note. It ended up looking like a 1,000.00 note instead of a 100,000.00, but I didn't want to throw it away to waste so I just put it up there on my vision board.

I looked at it every day and told myself that I believed it'd happen. I didn't really know whether my visualization exercise was correct, but I just did it, every once in awhile. And to be frank, as time went by, I kind of forgot about it due to my busy life.

Then in early October, when I was paying for my credit card at the service counter, I saw a pamphlet about the contest called "RM100,000.00 Dream Catcher SMS contest" that the credit card company was having. It started on 15th July 2007 and ended on 15th October 2007, but I didn't know about it until then. Then I thought, "Well, I still have 2 weeks to send my slogans, better late than never". So I did.

Then at the end of the month, I received a call from the Credit Card company telling me that I've won the 2nd prize for the month of October (monthly winner). For that, I would get RM1,000.00 cash prize. I was so thrilled to know that I won because I've never really had luck in big contests. I told my husband and we were jumping with joy.

Then, my husband asked me, "What's the prize for 1st place?" I said "I don't know, maybe RM3,000 or RM5,000". Then we found out from the website that the prize for 1st place was actually RM7,000.00. Then we thought, "Wow, what could be the slogan that the 1st winner sent...". But I was still so happy that I won, even just the 2nd prize.

Then 2 months after that, I received another call from the company saying, "You've been selected as one of our 11 finalists to compete for the grand prize of RM100,000.00. The event will be held next week". I was thrilled, but panicked at the same time because this was the first time I've ever been selected as a finalist, I didn't know what to expect in the grand finale league.

That night after showering I was putting my skin care on my face, and then I looked at my Vision Board next to the mirror. Then I saw my RM100,000.00 check that I wrote three months ago. My heart was beating fast as I noticed the One Ringgit note that appeared like RM1,000 rather than RM100,000.00.

I took the note and the check and went out to the living room to show them to my husband. I said, "Sweetheart, I think I know why I won the 2nd prize - RM1000. It's the RM1 note!! Even though I ordered it by accident, God still delivers it to me!! And now, they told me that I'm one of the finalists for the grand prize of RM100,000.00. It's THE SECRET in action!! I put only 2 amounts on my vision board 3 months ago, RM1,000 (by accident) and RM100,000.00 on the check. I've forgotten about it but HE remembers."

Then I was crying tears of happiness. The little voice inside of me kept saying, "I'd be the Winner for the Grand Prize," that God (The Universe) has arranged the event, people, circumstances to deliver my RM100,000.00 check for me.

Then I read the chapter on The Secret for Money and watched the video again. Every time I had doubts that the prize was mine, I quickly replaced it with the image of me smiling & holding the big mock check of RM100,000.00 on the stage.

To strengthen my faith, I studied the company inside out in case they put up a quiz about it. I knew by giving my best effort, I'd attract the Grand Prize.

The morning of the grand finale event, before we left the house, my husband said to me, "Take the RM100,000.00 check that you wrote with you, you're going to claim the real one today." So I did.

Before entering the room, I took a last look at the check and visualized winning and cast off any doubt as much as possible. Then I noticed the Remittance Advice: FEEL GOOD, on top of the check.

Then I quickly grabbed my husband's iphone, and opened the photo albums of my beautiful 2yr-old daughter. Seeing her sweet smile made me feel so happy inside. So I knew I was on the right track.

The final round was just a game of shuffling the envelopes and selecting balls to determine the winner. It's really pure luck. So I felt more confident that it was going to be me. Through the whole event, I just thought about my daughter's smile and visualized winning.

And YES I DID!!!! :)

I won the grand prize of RM100,000.00. When they announced me as the Grand Prize Winner, I felt like I was having a dejavu because I've had the same pictures rolling in my mind so many times before that.

After delivering the mock check, the Grand Judge said to me, "When you walked into this room with the other 10 finalists, you looked the happiest of all, maybe that's because you knew that you were going to win."

So it really is a miracle. I wrote a note of RM1,000.00 by accident, and a check of RM100,000.00 on 18th August 2007. On 12th Dec 2007, they both came true, exact amount, no less!!! So I thought, "Wow, this is even better than the Jack Canfield story!"

Then I told my friends and family the details of this meaningful event. Those with doubts before, now believe. Everybody has a vision board right now, and they're putting even Bigger things on it and visualize that every one of them would come true.

So Thank You Ms Byrne and the whole Secret team, from the deepest part of my heart, for revealing THE SECRET to me and to the world. God bless!!

Warm regards
Enny :)
About Enny Hafiz from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

28 yrs old, work as a Unit Trust Consultant, a mother of one, very happily married :)